Hosted by The People’s Library
Sept 21–22

Revel in a sea of artists’ books, multiples and small press at this inaugural event. Browse, converse and collect at leisure. Brought to you by A Published Event and Outside the Box – Earth, Arts, Rights Inc. (more info)

A Published Event, 2018 Long Gallery. Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Pl, Hobart. 8–30 September, 2018


Salamanca Arts Centre
65-77 Salamanca Pl, Hobart
8–30 September, 2018


Fayen d’Evie

Event/s: HOB/ART BOOK FAIR 2018 Reader: Fayen d'Evie (NZ)

The People's Library welcome New Zealand artist, Fayen d'Evie and collaborators Lizzie Boon and Izzy Hardisty to our Reader in Residence Program.

Fayen is an artist, writer, and curator based in Muckleford, Australia. Her projects are often conversational and collaborative, and resist spectatorship by activating diverse audiences in embodied readings of artworks. Fayen advocates the radical potential for blindness, arguing that blindness agitates ocularcentric norms, and offers critical positions and methods attuned to sensory translations, ephemerality, vibrational poetics, the tangible and intangible, hallucination, concealment, uncertainty, and the invisible. With artist Katie West, Fayen co-founded the Museum Incognita, which revisits neglected, concealed, or obscured histories, activates embodied readings, and archives ephemeral artworks and practices. Fayen is also the founder of 3-ply, which investigates artist-led publishing as an experimental site for the creation, dispersal, translation, and archiving of texts.


Lizzie Boon’s practice centres around experimental writing and alternative publishing, particularly how each can intersect with curating. With a focus on collage and abstraction, she dissects and reassembles process to create work that is in conversation with such process. Lizzie is currently completing a Bachelor of Art History and Curating at Monash University.

Izzy Hardisty is a writer based in Melbourne / Naarm. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Art History and Curating at Monash University and works as a bookseller. Her writing focuses on art, philosophy, science fiction, crushes and The Big Hole.

Unconscious Collective

Event/s: HOB/ART BOOK FAIR 2018 Readers: Unconscious Collective (AUS)

The People's Library are thrilled to welcome Readers in Residence, The Unconscious Collective.

The Unconscious Collective was established in Tasmania, Australia by David Patman and Michelle Boyde in 2014 as an informal collaboration of artists, with expertise and experience in sound, movement, contemporary and digital art, and design. As individual practitioners, our work often explores hypnagogic states such as dreams, visions, reverie and wonder, and modes of subliminal or somatic communication. As a group, we collaborate on experimental participatory and public art projects which engage with these themes.

Recent works have included a social sleeping and dreaming experiment at a motel, a 2 night road trip art adventure to Cradle Mountain national park, sound sculptures using the dreams of primary school children, hanging bio-sensor equipped pods for snoozing audience members, a cardiophonic furniture for a medical research institute, and a 201km multi-site lighting and media installation imagined as a post-secular pilgrimage through the Tasmanian midlands.


Gibson + Bird

Event/s: Readers:Gibson+Bird (AUS)

The People's Library welcomes Readers in Residence, artists Gibson + Bird (AUS).

Kathryn Bird is an artist, specialising in collage, and a book designer, specialising in art books. Most recently she was an artist in residence at the “Gods of Tiny Things” collage camp at Bundanon Trust, producing a series of works to be shown in Siteworks 2018 at Bundanon. She is a member of the international collage group 'the collage club' and the founder of the Sydney collage group 'The Social Glue of Sydney'. @prettyshakecollage. Kathryn is currently undertaking a collage + walking sabbatical in Kyoto.

Ross Gibson is an artist, writer and cultural theorist and Centenary Professor of Creative & Cultural Research at the University of Canberra. In this role he works collaboratively to produce books, films and artworks and he supervises postgraduate students in similar pursuits. During the early 2000s Ross was Creative Director for the establishment of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square in Melbourne. Prior to that, while working at the University of Technology in Sydney, he was a Senior Consultant Producer during the development and inaugural years of the Museum of Sydney.


The Readers in Residence Program was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Daily Readers

Amanda Robson, Suzy Mangian, Lynne Fellowes, Ron Fellowes, Jenny Wright, Dean Saunders, Maggie Aldhamland, Nany Corbett, Ruth Hadlow, Gay Hwakes, Janelle Mendham, Viv Cutbush, Shannon Field, Kylie Johnson, Audrey, Maria Grist, Carol Ann Martin, Erin Bennett, Kath Melbourne, Matt Crane, Essie Crane, Louis Monaghan, Christina Augustine, Lyndon Walker, Mark Wise.

Book Reading
Exhibition Space

Tethered in everyday acts of writing,reading and telling, The People’s Library is an invitation to write an original book-length work in any genre. 4pm onwards.