Hosted by The People’s Library
Sept 21–22

Revel in a sea of artists’ books, multiples and small press at this inaugural event. Browse, converse and collect at leisure. Brought to you by A Published Event and Outside the Box – Earth, Arts, Rights Inc. (more info)

A Published Event, 2018 Long Gallery. Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Pl, Hobart. 8–30 September, 2018


Salamanca Arts Centre
65-77 Salamanca Pl, Hobart
8–30 September, 2018

Book Club, Long Gallery

The People's Library Book Club offers you the opportunity to access a small number of book titles from the library in the comfort of your own home. If you love reading and sharing your thoughts and questions with a community of like-minded strangers, then this could the literary opportunity you've been waiting for. Joining one of our book clubs is easy. Just select one of the book clubs from the list below and click the link to join. You'll be asked for your name and email address so that we can send you a digital copy of your chosen book. Please note that due to copyright restrictions, this copy is for your personal reading only and not for further distribution.

If you would like to join more that one book club, just repeat the process for each one. You can join as many of these book clubs as you like. You will see that for each book club we are holding a Book Club Social, an in-person guided conversation with like-minded readers at The People's Library, Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. Of course we would love you to join us in the informal and welcoming social gathering connected to your chosen book, but we also understand that it may not be possible for you to attend. We are working on the principal that more readers = more questions = more conversation = inspiring book club. We've never done this before so let's see what we can do with the idea!

A Published Event are offering five titles across four Book Clubs for your off-site perusal. This is the list with a short indication of the content of each book. For more information, please click on the book title and/ or the author name, otherwise, just press the Sign Up link next to each Book Club and we'll email the book(s) to you!

Book Club 1 (book #32), The Fetish by Adam Ouston.

- He says: _It is the morning of the Sculptor’s execution. The unnamed narrator has come for her heart, which she’s hidden in a glass jar beneath a loose floorboard in the local chapel. It still beats and seems to be growing. All the while she asks: What is love?_ - We say: Adam's curious novel is a dazzling read indeed.
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Book Club 2 (book #43), Out of Control by Ken Goodsell.

- He says: _An extreme yachting story where romance meets a tsunami off southern Tasmania_. - We say: Ken's book is an action-packed adventure full of human drama and (very) high seas, set in the stunningly researched and evocative waterways of Sandy Bay to Port Davey. Highly recommended for lovers of the ocean, impending catastrophes and passion on the high seas.
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Book Club 3 (book #70), Peopling the Dirt Patch by Adam Stokell. (book #109), The Dangerous Pursuit of Beauty by Jill G. Davis.

- He says: _Each poem traces a crisis of isolation out into the dearth of words, the deforestation of ideas, the die-back of things_ ... - She says: _A collection of recent poems about encounters with the wild splendour of the mined and mountainous landscapes of western Tasmania. It is also an exploration of what it means to live at the margins in troubled times_. - We say: We have chosen to hold these two book in relation for a reason. Think small gestures. Sharp, raw, intensely quiet. Complex relationships unfold. If only fleetingly. Two highlights that leave us quietly altered.
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Book Club 4 (book #77), Building Up: Tales From Below by Nancy Jiracek.

- She says: _A book about ordinary people living beneath the ground ... the mysterious disappearance of local babysitters, the macabre behaviour of an infamous local who becomes the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film ‘Psycho’ as well as daily events for the author’s family_. - We say: Her former home in Wisconsin has been transformed into a menagerie taken over by rabbits. And this, dear readers, is only the beginning. An extraordinary memoir full of things you can't quite believe, but then you realise ... it's all true.
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As soon as you receive your digital reading copy, you can read your chosen book on any screen (computer, mobile, tablet) or if you'd prefer you can pop into the library and read it in its hand-held paper and ink glory.