The People’s Library

(A groundswell of public tellings)

Tethered in everyday acts of writing,reading and telling, The People’s Library is an invitation to write an original book-length work in any genre. Part performance library, part contemporary artwork, The People’s Library will publish one hundred books. We are looking for unpublished works of fiction, memoir, science fiction, biography, non-fiction, history, crime, thriller, poetry, plays and experimental other.

The People’s Library is an opportunity to leave a trace, locate a life or sweep a narrative arc within a living library. This is a supported publishing opportunity which invites you to contribute to a unique, collective artwork. Amateur or professional, we are actively seeking contributions from those who write for leisure, pleasure or necessity.

In 2018, The People’s Library will be installed at Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, creating a movement of public tellings – book groups, live readings, salon events and lending library. A groundswell of histories, cultures and experience awaits.

  • Final book manuscripts: 01 April 2018
  • Books published: September 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the project dates and deadlines?
Expressions of interest are open now for your book proposals and close on 01 January, 2018. Final book manuscripts are due on 01 April, 2018. Your books will be published as part of a month-long exhibition event at Salamanca Arts Centre in September 2018.
How do I submit my book proposal?
Please upload a brief outline of your book idea plus 3 sample pages of your own writing (these can be words related to your proposal or examples of your previous writing). Just follow the ‘Submit your book proposal’ link on our homepage and press ‘Submit’.
Is there a minimum and maximum number of words and pages?
Rather than specify a word count we will give guidance about the number of printed pages. Your book will be printed using a print on demand process. The minimum number of pages we can print is 48 and the maximum 400.
Can I use illustrations or images?
Yes most definitely. Black and white images in the form of photographs, illustrations and drawings can be included in your book, however, writing is the emphasis for The People's Library.
Do I get to design the cover and layout of my book?
The cover design, typography and layout of your book will be designed by artists, Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward (A Published Event).
Will I get help with the editing my book?
You are encouraged to provide final book manuscripts that have been proof read and edited. We may be able to offer some copy editing assistance.
How many copies of my published book will I receive?
The People’s Library will print 5 copies of your book. One copy will be for you to keep. Two copies will form the People’s Library collection and one copy will be deposited with both the State Library of Tasmania and the National library of Australia. Your book will have its own ISBN number.
How much does it cost to have my book published?
The people’s library will cover the cost of printing 5 copies of your book. It will be possible for you to order more copies of your book throughout September 2018.
Do I retain the copyright for my book?
Will I have to sign an agreement to have my book published?
Yes. You will be asked to sign a publishing agreement with The People’s Library before your book is published which includes details of rights and responsibilities regarding copyright, publishing and exhibition.
Can I write in another language?
Sadly, no.